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Pod to PC is an iPod backup software based on iTunes
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Pod to PC is an iPod backup software based on iTunes. If you have an iPod or an iPhone, you know that iTunes can be your best friend, but it can also become your worst enemy. If you reinstall your system or it crashes and you are forced to install a clean copy of Windows, your playlists will be lost, and sometimes you can't really recover them with iTunes due to copyright reasons. Pod to PC allows you to copy the whole content of your iPhone to your computer, so that you can create your playlists in iTunes again. Pod to PC is not a replacement for iTunes, in fact it requires it to be installed. It uses iTunes as a player and a way of "talking" to your iPods. Pod to PC can prelisten your songs and preview videos. Backing up your files is as easy as selecting the songs and clicking on "Transfer". Additionally, you can use the 1-button backup-process, which will download all the songs for you. The application can also see what songs are already on your iTunes libraries, and it can download the missing songs. It is also very smart in detecting songs and recordings, and even video files. They are all neatly arranged for you. Pod to PC supports all iPods and iPhones, and also Genius Playlists.

José Fernández
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  • Smart 1-button backup.
  • Easy to use


  • It requires and uses iTunes, which is an extra download
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